We live in a time of constant change. Much like any other aspect of our life, the dating scene keeps changing too. It is important to keep in touch with these changes, so that, our love life adds the thrill that our dull, fast paced lives need. Here are five emerging trends in online dating that you NEED to know.

Tips for dating single women

The pace has quickened

The fact is we have fast paced lives! No one has time to read endless, boring messages and let’s not forget that you aren’t the only one messaging somebody you like. There will be 15 others, just like you. Make sure that your messages can grab the person’s attention enough to get them reply back to you and set the tone for the conversation.

However, it is best to score a number as soon as possible and if you can get the number, it gives you a hint that a date might be in the near future.

Get yourself a professional profile writer

Writing a profile that will get you potential dates can be as hard as approaching someone and asking them out on a date. You can’t pawn of this second aspect but in online dating, you can have somebody else, writing your profile. They are called professional profile writers. Now, the idea might seem very rosy, but it is not all that so. You must do ample research before you hire someone and make sure to check the testimonials for their service. You don’t want screwing up your chances even more.

Use the services of an expert photographer

There is a growing trend among online daters to hire professional photographers to shoot their online dating portfolios. It definitely is well worth the investment. While this may not be essential, it certainly goes a long way in having slick model like photographs. For those that decide to engage the services of a pro photographer, care need to be taken that the photos do not come across as being for a professional networking site. The secret is to be and look natural and have fun. These professional photographs can be combined with amateur photos also so that prospective partners get a peek at what the real you looks like.

Favour of texting over calling

Texting is the way to go! The objective of getting the phone numbers these days, is not to have a potentially awkward first conversation, but to break the ice over text, eventually meet, see if the other piques your interest and if they do, may be, you will get to a phone call someday. But mostly, it’s what you can write over your text. Good luck?

Be innovative when planning a date

The usual date is a quick stop at Starbucks or some other coffee shop or may be a night at the bar with a few martinis and the dancing. But, this can be done with and by anybody. If you are actually very interested in seeing how this goes, Do something out of the ordinary. That doesn’t mean, that you go all out but just a slight bit of thought being put into that date, can send a positive message and increase your chances for happiness in the near future.

There might be changes in how dating works, but somethings are cardinal. Be polite, considerate, and even on occasion display some chivalry.

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