Dating is always an exciting experience with plenty of single women and men available for online dating. Join any top-notch dating site in your city and you can hook up with local partners that could actually meet up in town and enjoy a regular date. However, visiting the same dating sites like the cinema or the café can become boring and unoriginal. Instead think out of the box for something new and exciting, that both you and your date would find refreshingly different and make your date all the more enjoyable an experience.

Some very unique date ideas

Enjoy a night date on a beach

If you live in a city close to the ocean a great date idea would be to visit the beach together No, not when it is crowded with other couples in the afternoon or evenings, but rather at night. Spend time together with each other when the stars are twinkling in the night sky and enjoy listening to the sounds of the waves, cuddled up together. To make it special take a bottle of wine and carry a picnic hamper. Just remember not to venture into the water if you have had something to drink. If you do want to enjoy a moonlight swim together, get it done before you settle down for a picnic.

Spend time together exploring nature

Perhaps there is nothing quite as exciting as visiting a nature trail and exploring the forest together as a couple. Select a wooded area of the city with hiking trails and set off together to explore the flora and fauna together with each other for company. Just make sure you carry a compass, and a GPS system (to avoid the risk of getting lost in the jungle). Pack some eatables with refreshments and find a nice quiet spot where you’ll settle down for a drink and grab a bite. Set off early in the morning and ensure you’ll return before sundown.

Adventure date

For couples that love to do adventurous things together, there is nothing better than going bungee jumping or skydiving. Plan the activity that both of you enjoy doing and book places to join the activity. If that sounds a bit too adventurous, do something more sedate like a speedboat ride or perhaps river rafting, anything that gives the both of you an adrenaline rush and makes the date a memorable experience. 

Head to the planetarium

If you have a planetarium in your city, it would make a great date idea. Enjoy gazing into deep space at the planetarium and revel in the company of each other. Some planetariums offer interactive exhibits and IMAX cinemas, which will make a date at the planetarium all the more thrilling an experience.

Spend time at a museum or art gallery

For something a little more highbrow, especially if both of you enjoy art and cultural places head to the museum or art gallery in town. Spend time exploring the venue together, discussing and sharing opinions and later wind up the evening with dinner at a fancy restaurant. It will make for a very unique and interesting dating experience quite unlike any other.   

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